so i decided to change my lj username.
so if you are my friend and still wanna keep in touch with what i do, please add my other lj account: starswithwings

isn't it a nice name?
yeah it was my name on the game that i played.
i have to.
i totally forgot about the other name which is emerald.
i like that better but i don't know why i didn't think of that name.
well both names have meanings..
so it's all good.
emerald cause my favorite color is green
stars because i love stars
even looking at the night sky
i can't find constallations easily though
because to mean it means freedom and that's the reason why i have wings on my back
i should've named it emeraldstarwings

yeah.. i haven't confirmed the new one yet.. but it will be a few minutes after this post.
see you all there!!

site site site

Yay!! I'm working on the website for himitsu subs. ^^

Not sure when it will reopon but preparing..
I might do some few subbings before it re opens
that's if i have some time though
work is getting more busy and busy
oh wells i guess?
umm not much update for the day..
just the website for himitsu
there's still sites that needs fixing
i means pages.
at first i've had some trouble because i'm not sure why
so i switched to another server
hopefully the bandwidth will be good
or i'll have to switch to another server
i'm not sure why i had troubles with the first server
when i used that server before for another website
oh well i guess

wanting some orange juice ^^

(no subject)

First off!!
I wanted to see more of Yesung..
I thought he would do the dance too!!!
But it's okay..
He looked super awesome!!
Wahahaha.. yes!!

Another video..
I just love his voice..
and his.. umm.. muscles.. kekekekeke

I think Jae still wanted to dance at the end..
But the song ended.. ahahaha..
Don't know who he is?
He's the one wearing pink..
and the one that can't wink.. xD
octupus hair sica is love. lol

I fell in love with his voice from this vid:

again jae's wearing pink
isn't his voice nice?
and the guys are really dorky

on the other note..
i've been looking at videos of dbsk
because i miss them so
from the past to now
yes past as in baby cuties
and yunho with crooked teeth
to yunho with straight teeth
ahahha.. don't bash me on that.. but yeah
i love them to death but how else can i describe
anyway.. i was watching one of their performance
and to my surpise.. i think they wore the rings that i gave them
well at least one of them
though i'm not totally sure since it was hard to see
but if they did omg!
i would be totally be going crazy right about now..
hmm.. the one from in-com.. i saw jae wear it many times
more than micky..
though i don't remember my name cause i was a member a looong looong time ago
and i think the new forums is different now?
but yeah.. i gave like five bucks to send the five boys presents..
also gave them necklaces and stuffed animals..
never saw them wear the necklaces though..
but it's okay..
i will participate again later when i have money for onetvxq forum..
dbsk fighting!

la la la la

Who ever thought Keito can do a flip!!
It's an old video clip I know but still..
It's something that totally surprised me..
Made me out jump out of my seat..
Opened my mouth wide in shock
As well as my eyes growing wide open!!
Tears? Nah~! LOL
I'm just glad the two youngies aren't duckies anymore

Anyway, that was the highlight of the day =^^=

What's new.. I mean what else..
I was going on and saw that DBSK's (ToHoShinKi) schedules in Japan are still the same
Totally happy about that news
Cause at least fans get to see them together despite reading all these news about the lawsuit the three members filed
And all the confusion things that's going on
So I'm gonna be an auntie, again.
My sister is pregnant.
Don't know how long she's pregnant for but gotta prepare myself
Aww, that means more kids to take care of!!
Hopefully by then, I'll have a job
That way I won't have to babysit anymore!

In other news, Toki-Toyaji will be on sale starting the 21st? of November...
Should I get my hands on one?
I so want it ever since it appeared on episode nine of "You're Beautiful"

Time to get to work...
Thanks for reading ^^


My ear has been hurting for past few days.
I hope not.
I had this infection when I was young when I was a kid.
Let's not forget that my nephew was sick too a few days ago
I think I caught a cold from him
My throat is a bit itchy and I'm starting to cough already
Every now and then I feel nausceous (however you spell that)
Right now I'm not feeling well, sighs
Anyway, right now I'm waiting for this pay from this work at home thing that I signed up for and for some reason it went away like it got cancelled or something.
I just hope that this isn't any of those scams cause they do sound legit.
Hoping hoping hoping
Don't bash on me if it is or you think it is. haha!

I kinda got into 2pm yesterday and just found out about Jaebum leaving the group.
Sad but true
And hoping he would come back
But yeah, it's a sad sad sad world out there
I guess with all the things around we have no choice but to face what's there for us, but it is harsh for others
I do hope you guys keep it strong

The only thing I can say, if ever he reads this (like he will anyway cause this blog is soooooo not famous xD)
All I can say to you is be strong and have faith
Despite all the things that can happen you still have everyone that support you
Your fans, family, members
Congrats for making it to the real world
Stay strong always
No matter what problem life brings, it always comes back to a better future
Well, as long you face them full head on
The road not taken is better than the one more traveled on

monday = another day

 another has come and today is not really busy for me
thought i wanna do some things that i wanna do, but i guess that'll have to wait til later.
my mom's at home right now so she's watching the little boy til she leaves for work

i've been going online and waiting for that pig-rabbit stuffed animal to be on sale
toki-toyaji? i think that's how you spell it.
anyway if you're a fan of "you're beautiful" then you know what i'm talking about
if not, watch the drama!
it's hilarious cute funny and hot guys!
there are what? six episodes left?
sad to say i would want either a new season or more episodes but oh well
it's hard to predict whether there would be a second season to their dramas
i mean i'm still waiting for full house season two
i wonder if they're still gonna make one since YEH cancelled
how sad
well, anyway, back to babysitting
i will update more i guess when the pig-rabbit will be available for sale ^^
and i hope it comes with the pin
gmarket here i come when it's on sale
better ship outside from korea!

my life needs more time to heal

Hello there!
Nice to see you here reading my oh so not updated blog.
Anyway, this is why you're here right?
To read whatever I have for the day?
And comment if you feel like commenting or what not?
Yeah.... so... here I go...
Gah! I'll stop with the right punctuational grammar whateverness.
Okay first off..
I've gotten myself into a lot of things lately and they are pretty much overlapping with one another.
I don't work or anything like that.
But I do work at home.
As what you may ask?
As my nephew's babysitter.
My schedule starts as this..
Wake up and get ready
Take my sister to work
Go to my nephew's school and wait for half an hour til it's time to pick him up
I'm usually one of the first five people to arrive
Wait in the car
Nap if I could or just wait in the car staring at whatever's in the area
You know. the normal stuff.
Trees, plants, buildings, cars, etc
So I pick up Jaiden(Nephew)
He throws a tantrum about putting his seatbelt and we stay in the parking lot until he's fully seated.
That takes about ten to half an hour
Then I get a phone call from mother asking to buy her some papaya for her patient.
As if I'm not having a hard time already as it is
If he's being bad we don't buy, but if he's good, we do and we end up getting things we shouldn't be getting cause he wants this and that =_=
We go home, try to get him to eat, but he just runs around the house making a mess because he likes to mess with me.
So I turn on the tv to his favorite show
I've seen like the same episode over and over
Go online before I do the house chores
Wash the dishes before the parents gets home
Then just stay on the couch and make sure the boy is behaving and trying not to fall asleep
When the parents get home, I sleep xD
Sometimes I don't because they start telling me to do this and that
Although I've already done then
It gets really annoying because they tell me even when I'm eating or doing something else.
I mean come one, I'm only one human here.
So jaiden makes a lot of mess
What do I do clean all that up.
Let's skip to many hours later
His parents come home.
Yay right?
They do whatever they wanna do.
They go to sleep instead of taking over
They make a lot of mess too
And who cleans it up?
Some parents they are.
I'm the one who gets in trouble for their mess too.
Even If I run to my room right after they come home.
I just avoid as much as I can just to stay away from my sister
I can't stand her
All she does is complain about everything
She complains about paying me
She complains that I don't do anything around the house
What's the to complain?
I'm already the one getting in trouble for their mess
They don't clean even
And they complain?
I always hear her complain about how she doesn't wanna live in the house anymore and all that stuff
If she's gonna do that, might as well do it
She doesn't do anything anyway
I stopped playing my game cause of her
I stopped doing things I wanna do cause of her
My life is like nothing with her around.
I love her and all but I also hate her
She's my one true enemy in this world

new kinda layout

thanks to speranza.. she changed my layout a bit..

it's not keito!!


thanks speranza for the lovely picture and changing my layout a bit.. love it.. it's very lovely.. by the way. i have a new blog..

that is where i will write most blogs about my life.. problems and stuff.. hahaha.. add me if you have one.. see you there.. ^^
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new layout

okay. so i really want this layout but i want it to be HSJ.. who? keito!! yeah!! ahahha..

so i guess i'll just edit it and change it to keito/daiki/inoo later on when i get photoshop working for this laptop.. ahahaha..

himitsu is progressing slowly..

we are currently working on

a live stage performance
more performances subbed (kareoke)
3 nen b gumi season 7 and 8
shounen club
and more..

sleepless nights

so i've been sleeping all morning recently..
i can't sleep late..
too much distractions going on..
hey say jump
super junior
and all other things..

i don't even wanna mention studying.. LOL
my head already hurts from all the studying that i have to do..
but i have to do it..

himitsu has lots of sections for discussions now and we're trying to get back on track.
i just wished that we have more translators.. haha


rescue is almost done and we're still behind in releasing the episodes.. but we're trying to get back on track on that.. i hope spring break is coming near with everyone.. so they have break time.. hahaha.

i think that's about it..

enjoy and have lots of fun